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Amazing quality and taste

I have nothing but good things to say. I highly recommend all products.

I bought these for my sister's birthday and she loved them!

Rainbow Seeds | Freeze Dried Fruity Candy

I cannot say enough good things about this seller or this product. The only downside is these grapes are so good I can eat a bag in 5 minutes! They are addictive!

New Favorite

I love cherry flavored things, I love vanilla, and freeze dried apple slices are one of the few healthy snacks that I actually enjoy. These were as good as I'd hoped! The texture is good; the bags have enough O2 absorbers to withstand even the humidity of the far Southeast. They were well packaged and shipped and arrived in good time. These (and the Sugar and Spice slices) taste better than the commercial brand, the texture's just as good, and while I haven't done a cost breakdown to see if it's cheaper than the commercial stuff at the very least I got my money's worth (and then some).


I got these because I wanted to support a small business instead of just picking up a small bag for a premium price in the grocery store or on Amazon. These taste WAY better than the commercial stuff, and the texture is nice. It's well packaged and has enough O2 absorbers to keep the slices nice even down here in the deep Southeast.

These are going into our emergency stash that we started about two years ago so we have not tried them yet. But everything else we have tried from here is absolutely amazing. They also have the BEST long term storage packaging that I have ever seen.

I haven't tried these yet but I am sure they will be amazing like all of their other products that I have tried. My little one is addicted to the grapes. Thank you guys for all that you do for those of us who don't have freeze dryers.

My daughter loves these. Thank you guys again for another amazing product.

This has become one of my favorite shops on Etsy. They have amazing customer service

I cannot say enough good things about this little shop. They have become one of my favorites. Thank you!!

Love love love carnival grapes. I love trying the new products but I always return to carnival grapes.

These grapes were fire! I had to stop and hide them so I wouldn't eat them in one sitting. The delivery was so fast and the free sample pack was amazing as well! Great little business and prompt.