Natural State Freeze Dried is your source for highest quality, healthful, small batch freeze-dried foods.

Our freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, and smoothie powders are perfect for prepping, hiking, biking, backpacking, camping, RVing, boating, road trips, and any other time you need delicious, nutritious food that doesn't require refrigeration. Delicious and Convenient!

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Long Live Good Food!

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The Olienyks come from multiple generations of farmers, food producers, determined settlers, and entrepreneurs. It's in our blood.

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We love our earth. Our freeze-dried products reflect a novel way to celebrate our connection to earth and culinary abundance.

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Good Food

Natural State Freeze Dried provides you and your family with high nutrition freeze-dried food options for a variety of uses and situations.

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Every freeze-dried item we sell is of the highest-quality. We hand select every piece of delicious food that we package in best-in-class Mylar packaging. You can be confident knowing you are getting the the most exceptional product available on the market. Family-owned and operated, right here in the USA. Preppers, campers, backpackers and adventurers all love the convenience and high nutritional value we offer at Natural State Freeze Dried.

What People are Loving

"From childhood, Bit-O-Honey has alwyas been my favorite candy! I would've never thought it could taste any better. Craig has perfected a freeze-drying method that has taken this candy to a whole new level! You just pop it on your tongue and let it melt, no chewing needed! He's done all the work for you!"

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Lawanda Jones
Fort Smith, AR

"This new Smoothie2Go! is a great way to take your favorite drink on the go!! Great for travel or school, or just when you want to have a smoothie without the hassle!"

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Adalie Dickson
Fayetteville, AR

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